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Emission-free heat and electricity – up to 100%

German company VISSOLAR offers sustainable overall solutions for the private and industrial needs In order to achieve the climate goals, millions of houses and apartments...

German Energy Company takes off with tiny houses.

Starting in July, TinyDomo will decorate our landscapes and gardens with small, attractive houses on wheels. Behind it stands the company B4H Green Energy SE, which has made a name for itself in the heating and energy sector in recent years.

MatrixChain launching LibrumChain pre-sale phase

Well-known members already at the beginning of the pre-sale phase - a guarantee of success for the new LibrumChain and the tokenization of assets The...

VISSOLAR – German brand offers highly innovative solutions on green energy sector

Headlines about the great energy revolution grace almost every well-known title page. Energy prices in Europe are exploding, the climate crisis is progressing and...

Do Disinfectants Make Us Sick? Tyrolean Company Offers Innovative Solution

In every room in our household we have to deal with bacteria and germs. Bacteria, fungi and viruses can be found everywhere - on...

Highly secure data connection with the new Paraiba Talk messenger

Technology companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon were repeatedly suspected of collecting and selling consumer data. In the past few years there have been...

Innovative Company Leads The Way To Natural Disinfection

Would you have thought that most of the bacteria actually lurkes on our cell phones? Bacteria, viruses and fungi have many hiding places! The average...

Driver who wrecked £1 million row of supercars on late-night race through Knightsbridge facing jail

Ahmed Al Husseini crashed into a string of luxury cars including a Bentley Bentayga, a £300,000 McClaren, and a Porsche Cayenne

Mitcham: Man, 26, arrested after alleged rape of schoolgirl in south London

A 26-year-old man has been arrested after the alleged rape of a schoolgirl in south London.

Vienna shooting: I.S. gunman in Austria attack as manhunt on for accomplice

A photograph circulating online appears to show the attacker posing with knives making an apparent pledge of allegiance to IS

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