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Study reveals hidden mental health symptoms in people with autoimmune diseases

Experts are calling for urgent mental health support for autoimmune disease patients.  » Read More

Large dusty clumps around young star provide insight into how planets are born

The findings could shed light on how giant planets like Jupiter form, scientists said.  » Read More

New immunotherapy drug shows promise as cancer treatment, research suggests

Immunotherapy works by stimulating the body’s natural defence system to attack cancer.  » Read More

‘Nutritional content of most plant-based milk doesn’t match cow’s milk’ – study

Researchers say it is important that consumers are aware of the nutritional value of cow’s milk alternatives.  » Read More

Planet-friendly diet could reduce risk of disease death by a quarter – research

Scientists found those who followed a more sustainable diet were 25% less likely to die of cancer or other chronic diseases.  » Read More

Male killer whales protected by post-menopausal mothers, study suggests

The findings add to growing evidence that post-menopausal females boost the life chances of their offspring, researchers say.  » Read More

Early humans used expert woodwork skills to make hunting weapons – study

Analysis of a stick, found in Schoningen in Germany three decades ago, showed it was scraped, seasoned and sanded before being used to kill animals.  » Read More

Fifth of pet rabbits in UK have painful or debilitating ear disease – research

The findings suggest increased recognition is needed because of the harms associated with the ear issues and rabbit welfare.  » Read More

Mammals May Have Hunted Down Dinosaurs For Dinner, Rare Fossil Suggests

The new find suggests that mammals may have actually preyed on dinosaurs several times their size, and didn’t just scavenge ones that were already dead.  » Read More

Magic mushrooms could be used to help calm women with cancer, doctors say

Recent studies show psychedelics can have promising effects in treating psychological symptoms  » Read More

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