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Sunday, September 19, 2021



New tool identifies groups most at-risk from Covid after vaccination

While the risk of severe Covid-19 after vaccination remains low, some people remain more vulnerable than others, research shows

Coral reefs and their benefits have declined by half since the 1950s

Coastal indigenous communities threatened by continuing destruction of world’s coral reefs

Chinese astronauts return to Earth from nation’s longest mission yet on homegrown space station

Three Chinese astronauts have returned to Earth after a 90-day stay aboard the nation’s space station, China’s longest mission yet.

‘Incredible’ giant fossilised penguin found by New Zealand school children is previously unknown species

30 million-year-old remains were found during field trip in 2006

Health Care Workers Were Already Feeling Burnout. Vaccine Deniers Made It Worse.

COVID-19 isn't the only issue we're fighting. Exhaustion among medical professionals is more severe than ever.

New Rainbow Fly Species With ‘Legs For Days’ Named After RuPaul

Entomologist Bryan Lessard hopes to draw attention to the underappreciated insects and inspire young LGBTQ science-lovers.

The dinosaur-ending meteorite did much more to our planet

We all know that the dinosaurs might well have been wiped out by a meteorite, but what other changes did that impact cause on our planet? New research may shed some light, writes Becky Ferreira

What might the reintroduction of beavers mean for the UK’s wild spaces?

Releasing beavers back into the wild in the UK is hoped to have many benefits, but it’s vital we understand both the good and bad consequences, write Joshua Larsen and Annegret Larsen

SpaceX Aiming For Launch Of First-Ever Passenger Flight Wednesday Night

For the first time in 60 years of human spaceflight, no professional astronaut will be aboard the orbit-bound rocket.

Pope Francis Confused Why People Refuse To Take COVID-19 Vaccines

“It’s a bit strange, because humanity has a history of friendship with vaccines,” the Pontiff said.

Latest news

Pep Guardiola feels ‘a bit guilty’ as packed Etihad watches Man City draw 0-0 with Southampton

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola admitted he felt “a bit guilty” after seeing his side held to a goalless draw by Southampton at a packed Etihad.

Business Secretary reassured that gas supply ‘not cause for immediate concern’

He said that protecting customers from huge price rises was ‘an absolute priority’.

Lib Dems hold key to next general election, says Davey

The Lib Dem leader will tell his annual conference that Boris Johnson can only be removed if they take seats from the Tories.

France accuses Britain of hiding in ‘American lap’ in submarine row

Paris furious after Australia cancels a £30bn submarine order following new defence pact with the US and UK.

What the papers say – September 19

Rising gas prices and Boris Johnson’s trip to the US feature among the stories on Sunday’s front pages.