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Do Disinfectants Make Us Sick? Tyrolean Company Offers Innovative Solution

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In every room in our household we have to deal with bacteria and germs. Bacteria, fungi and viruses can be found everywhere – on our skin and in our internal organs.

The majority of them are non-pathogenic and under normal circumstances do not pose a threat to a healthy person. However, if these microorganisms multiply in an uncontrolled manner, they also become a risk for a healthy person.

There is an increased risk of infection for the elderly, children and people with weak immune systems, especially during the cold and flu season.

Door handles, cell phones and money are just as carriers as sink faucets, showers, toilet seats, cutlery, books, magazines, children’s toys and much more.

Did you know that infections like the flu, cold or runny nose are more commonly transmitted through the hands than through speaking? Another type of bacteria that is passed from hand to hand: diarrhea pathogens. These include e.g. Salmonella or the norovirus.

Thus, we are all in need for hygienization, but if you take a closer look at the components of conventional disinfectants, you might want to run the other way.

Many of these ingredients can be carcinogenic, allergenic as well as lung, liver and nerve damaging. This applies when inhaling the mist from spray bottles and also when applying it to the surface of the skin. Aldehydes and ketones that are contained in disinfectants, as well as additional process chemicals and fragrances, also pose a significant health risk.

Frequent use of these fat-dissolving agents also damages the skin flora enormously. This could lead to resistance of the germs involved and possible dermatoses.

Therefore, what is desperately needed is a healthy and natural solution for effective disinfection without all of these harmful side effects.

Protect Aqua is 100% committed to this task and has found a way. The Tyrolean company produces natural products for disinfection in all areas of everyday life. Only water, salt, electricity and “know-how” are used for production and the result is a reliable, antibacterial, viral and fungicidal effect.

Karl Unterweger from Protect Aqua on biomimetics: „We use the effects of nature for nature. Our manufacturing process is based on processes that nature has developed over the course of millions of years to combat microorganisms. Our body also makes use of such defense mechanisms a million times over every second. The production of PROTECT AQUA – broad spectrum disinfection can thus be viewed as a biomimetic process, which takes up the idea of ​​the effective and protective mechanisms of multicellular living beings and delivers a nature-based, biological disinfectant liquid.”

In a completely natural manufacturing process and 100% alcohol-free, an electrochemically activated mineral salt solution is created, which consists of the purest water and high-quality salt. This means that Protect Aqua products are completely harmless to humans, animals and the environment and are therefore also the ideal solution for contact with food.

The underlying active ingredient complex, based on the human immune system, neutralizes germs and bacteria. This makes Protect Aqua ideal for disinfection, cleaning and odor / allergen neutralization in human and animal environments. The product effectiveness is based on the high oxidative power and the stable pH and redox values. This means that the otherwise common use of aldehydes and other synthetic agents can be completely dispensed with.

The consistent avoidance of harmful chemicals and the highly efficient elimination of viruses, bacteria and germs offer an effective answer to the question of a powerful, ecological and economically sensible disinfectant and oxidant without harmful side effects.

Gernot Scheriau, Senior Director of Creative Media at the Inspiration Factory: “Disinfection is currently an essential topic for everyone and the concept and the special effectiveness of Protect Aqua has completely convinced us. That is why it was a true matter of the heart for us at the Inspiration Factory to support the company in the online and marketing area.”

The application areas of Protect Aqua are diverse and include broadband disinfection, surface disinfection, hand disinfection, spray and aerosol disinfection (for rooms, surfaces and textiles in trade and households).

Official website: https://protect-aqua.com

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