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EverCraft Ecotechnologies creates future market with innovative solution from ecoCNTs

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Green technologies are a trend. For years, countries have been increasingly interested in technologies combining ​​innovation and environmental compatibility – a desired symbiosis of high-tech and sustainability.

In particular, climate-relevant technologies are developing with increasing strength internationally, especially in the European market. Companies like EverCraft Ecotechnologies focus on those technologies that promise the most significant growth markets: from battery technology to more efficient solar cells and drive concepts for electromobility to the production of green hydrogen and CO2-free energy generation.

Green transformation becomes a reality

European emerging company EverCraft Ecotechnologies Ltd. is collaborating with the Agency for Green Technology (AGT) to enable the commercialization of unique and sustainable technologies. “Our goal is to integrate environmental value into our economy, and this is exactly what a new technological approach makes possible,” says Holger Kuhlmann, CEO of Evercraft Ecotechnologies Limited.

Using ACA technology developed and verified at the University of St. Andrews, EverCraft Ecotechnologies Ltd. is in the market launch phase. Initial talks in the industrial area for future cooperation are already being held. Thanks to the almost emission-free generation of energy and other high-tech materials, the company can demonstrably reduce the amount of harmful CO2. “Thanks to a new patented process instead of the usual incineration used, significantly smaller amounts (almost no) of air pollutants are produced,” adds Kuhlmann.

Market-ready innovation solution: ecoCNTs

The patented CO2 splitting technology enables the production of high-tech products without harming the environment and produces green hydrogen as a by-product.

The European Union supports this trend and plans a seamless switch from gray hydrogen (fossil-based) to green hydrogen by 2030.

Cheap methane can be converted into high-quality carbon nanotubes and graphene and produced inexpensively without polluting the environment – hence the name ecoCNTs.

Nanotechnology as an economic growth market

The demand for carbon nanotubes is constantly increasing as more and more companies recognize the range of possibilities the material offers. Experts agree that ecoCNTs have enormous potential for developing innovative parts and components.

“The world is looking for sustainable solutions to reduce our environmental impact,” says Hannes Sommer, co-founder of EverCraft Ecotechnologies, adding: “Carbon, especially the unique ecoCNTs, can transform how we make products and shape our world.”

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research describes CNT as a signal effect for many industries and areas. The CNT technology potential is evaluated as an accelerator of future economic dynamics.

Company Website: www.evercraft.eco

EverCraft Ecotechnologies is a company that sets new standards in environmentally friendly raw material extraction and, with its technology, offers unique solutions for processing and manufacturing high-quality raw material products. The company aims to make Web3 innovation engaging and easy to discover by creating a platform that guides projects from the earliest stages and focuses on sustainability.

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