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Emission-free heat and electricity – up to 100%

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German company VISSOLAR offers sustainable overall solutions for the private and industrial needs

In order to achieve the climate goals, millions of houses and apartments in Germany have to be modernized. After all, the heating systems in this country are on average 17 years old and are operated almost half with natural gas and 30 percent of the systems require oil.

“It is high time to focus on how to mitigate climate change as much as possible. This requires new technologies and systems that can also be implemented in real life,” says Managing Director and visionary Wolfgang Balthasar of the upand-coming company VISSOLAR. At the beginning of 2022, B4H Green Energy SE started selling the hybrid solar home system under its own brand VISSOLAR.

The company is already writing a success story in the middle of the year. The reasons are obvious: The possibility of saving energy costs and CO2 is extremely high with this system.

Up to 100% electricity and heat without any fossil fuels

The hybrid solar home system consists of highly efficient components, such as the hybrid collectors, a battery storage, an innovative stratified buffer storage with drinking water charging station, and a specially developed solar heat pump, which are optimally coordinated. “The secret lies in the fact that the components are coupled in such a way that a synergy effect is created and the entire system runs highly efficiently as a result,” reveals Balthasar, and further explains: “Our hybrid collectors achieve up to 7,400 operating hours per year, four times more than conventional Photovoltaic modules and also work when other systems cannot.”

Heat and electricity are generated from pure sunlight by the hybrid collectors, fed into the appropriate storage systems and can then be used when the need arises. Balthasar: “Our declared goal is to provide people with a sustainable energy system that is worthwhile in the long term and brings enormous financial relief.” The central element is the certified VISSOLAR solar heat pump.

This combines several comfort features: it is without structural Installing interventions, however, has the efficiency of a groundwater heat pump with an COP of 6,3 (W10/W35).

Changing your Heating system made easy

In order to sustainably reduce energy consumption and the associated emissions of greenhouse gases in the building sector, politicians have created incentives and support programs for the integration of efficient and environmentally friendly heating systems.

Hannes Sommer, Head of Business Development, shareholder and board member of the AG: “The factor that brings together end users and the objectives of the law are companies that offer the appropriate technologies. VISSOLAR offers a fundable, future-proof overall concept for electricity and heat that can be installed in almost every household as well as in the industrial sector.” The company is currently pushing the German market, but is also increasingly receiving international inquiries. Effective climate protection requires environmentally friendly and sustainable technologies, and VISSOLAR is already one of the best solutions on the market.

More information: www.vissolar.com

VISSOLAR is a company of B4H Green Energy SE based in Guben, Germany. The founding couple Karolina and Wolfgang Balthasar have been active in the field of development and sales in the energy sector for more than 20 years and can look back on many years of experience and know-how in this area. Today, B4H Green Energy SE has hundreds of satisfied customers and is growing continuously and sustainably. In the calendar years 2020 and 2021 alone, it was able to record sales growth of over 1,900 percent compared to the previous year.

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