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Antibiotic-resistant infections killing more than HIV or malaria, major study shows

1.27 million people died from antimicrobial resistance in 2019, with children aged under five particularly vulnerable

Antibiotic-resistant superbugs caused 1.2 million deaths in a year, study finds

Study makes comprehensive estimate of the disease burden for 23 microbes and 88 pathogen-drug combinations

Illinois Officials Say Omicron Cases Have Peaked In State

“The threat is in no way over, but the news is good in terms of the direction that it’s turning," Chicago Public Health Commissioner Dr. Allison Arwady said at a news conference.

Have we spotted the birth of a black hole?

We are learning more and more about the mysteries of black holes, and now we may have identified the birth of one, writes Daniel Perley

The sounds of mosquito mating rituals may help us fight malaria

Research has helped us to understand the mating rituals of mosquitos, this might help us to collapse mosquito populations, writes Joerg T Albert

Quantum computers could finally be made at large scale after huge scientific breakthrough

Quantum computers could finally be made at large scale after a number of major breakthroughs, the scientists behind them have announced.

‘Explorer’ Eagle Finds A Home In Coastal Maine, Far From Its Native Asia

Thousands of miles from its range, a wayward Steller’s sea eagle enthralls scientists and birders alike.

Owl wing-inspired design reduces noise from aircraft engines, study finds

Owls produce about 18 decibels less noise than other birds at similar flight speeds due to wing design

Scientists find world’s deepest-swimming squid ever 6km under water

Findings suggest some squids and octopuses may live in deep, dark ocean trenches closer to the sea floor

Giant panda’s gut bacteria help it remain chubby despite bamboo diet, researchers say

Pandas eat low-nutrient meals of fibrous bamboo leaves for the majority of the year but manage to stay fat and healthy

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