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Can You Really Offset Your Carbon Footprint From Flying?

Experts weigh in on the increasingly popular practice and how to best make an impact.  » Read More

Travel Experts Reveal Their Most Expensive Vacation (And Why It Was Worth It)

Sometimes a particular trip calls for splurging, but the experience far exceeds costs and expectations.  » Read More

The 1 Thing You Should Always Do After Signing A Restaurant Receipt

Too many people make this mistake, which can really hurt servers — and your bank account.  » Read More

Mammals May Have Hunted Down Dinosaurs For Dinner, Rare Fossil Suggests

The new find suggests that mammals may have actually preyed on dinosaurs several times their size, and didn’t just scavenge ones that were already dead.  » Read More

Titan’s CEO Put Innovation Over Safety. He Was An Outlier In The World Of Deep Sea Exploration.

Manned submersibles are crucial to scientific research. In bucking safety standards, OceanGate tarnished a decadeslong record.  » Read More

Why You Shouldn’t Necessarily Freak Out About That Aspartame Research

The World Health Organization declared that aspartame, a low-calorie sweetener, could be carcinogenic. But experts say there are other factors to consider.  » Read More

Expert-Backed Tips For Paying Off Your Debt

We asked personal finance experts to share their best advice for tackling your debt and not hating every minute.  » Read More

Northern Lights May Be Visible In Multiple U.S. States This Week

The lights are visible up to 600 miles away under clear conditions.  » Read More

Deep-Sea Octopus Nursery Found Beneath The Waves Off Costa Rica

There are only three known sites where octopus mothers gather to brood.  » Read More

Dolphin Mothers Use ‘Baby Talk’ With Their Calves, Scientists Learn

Similar to human moms, bottlenose dolphins use a kind of high-pitched baby talk with their little ones.  » Read More

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