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Exercising at weekend as good for the heart as more regular workouts – study

It has been unclear if concentrated exercise can provide the same benefits as more evenly-distributed activity.  » Read More

‘Hearing aids might reduce cognitive decline in adults at higher dementia risk’

The study highlights the importance of treating hearing loss in older people as a potential way to reduce the global burden of the condition  » Read More

New drug that eliminates old ‘zombie’ cells may lead to anti-ageing breakthrough

‘Drug we identified is a powerful destroyer of old cells’  » Read More

Titan’s CEO Put Innovation Over Safety. He Was An Outlier In The World Of Deep Sea Exploration.

Manned submersibles are crucial to scientific research. In bucking safety standards, OceanGate tarnished a decadeslong record.  » Read More

Why You Shouldn’t Necessarily Freak Out About That Aspartame Research

The World Health Organization declared that aspartame, a low-calorie sweetener, could be carcinogenic. But experts say there are other factors to consider.  » Read More

Participating in genetic studies is in your genes, research suggests

The study equips scientists with the ability to identify and address participation bias.  » Read More

Testing on live animals fell by 10% last year, data suggests

Across Great Britain some 2.76 million procedures were carried out on animals in 2022.  » Read More

New X-ray scans of 3,000-year-old Egyptian paintings reveal pharaoh’s ‘hidden mysteries’

Headdress, necklace, and sceptre in Ramses II painting appear to be ‘substantially reworked’ but reasons remain unknown  » Read More

Ice Age sabre-tooth cats and dire wolves suffered from diseased joints – study

Today the developmental bone disease is known to affect the joints of vertebrates, including humans and various domesticated species.  » Read More

Birds have learned to use our ‘anti-bird’ spikes to protect their own nests: ‘The ultimate adaptation’

‘It doesn’t get any crazier than this, does it?’  » Read More

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