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Paws on the Street: Neighbourhoods with more dogs have lesser crime rates, study suggests

Findings add another reason why dogs are good for humans, scientists say

Cern physicists find evidence of three new ‘exotic’ particles as Large Hadron Collider comes back online

‘The more analyses we perform, the more kinds of exotic hadrons we find’

Exercise at the weekend as good as activity during the week, study suggests

Researchers say the findings are important for people with fewer opportunities for daily or regular physical activity during their working week.

Dinosaurs took over planet amid cold that other reptiles couldn’t survive 200 million years ago, study finds

Some parts of the world froze regularly and dinosaurs there ‘did just fine’, scientists say

Blood test could predict future risk of leukaemia, study suggests

Identifying those most at risk could mean it is possible for them to receive treatment earlier.

Study unravels mystery of how pandas became vegetarians around six million years ago

A ‘false thumb’ allowed a panda ancestor to grip and break heavy bamboo stems, scientists say

Tidal power firm achieves major milestone after securing £8m of finance

Orbital Marine Power said it had completed operational finance for its first O2 tidal turbine device.

Scientists detail origins and diversity of every known mineral on Earth

The work will help reconstruct the history of life on Earth and guide the search for new minerals and deposits, researchers say.

HIV speeds up body’s ageing process soon after infection, study finds

Infection may cut about five years off an individual’s life span relative to an uninfected person

Adolescents more vulnerable to cannabis addiction than adults, study suggests

But they may not be at increased risk of other mental health problems related to the drug, researchers found.

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