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Friday, July 1, 2022



The joy of no sex: Study of Tibetan monks sheds light on ‘surprising’ evolutionary advantages of celibacy

Men with a monk brother were found to be wealthier and owned more yaks

Ancient stretching of continents led to extreme global warming event, study says

Scientists examined environmental changes dating back 56 millions years.

Megalodons were ‘apex predators at highest level ever’ and ate anything they wanted, study finds

Methods used in study can be developed to decode ancient food webs, scientists say

Female scientists less likely to get credit in all fields and at every level, research finds

‘Unless you shout or make a strong point, our contributions are often underestimated’

Revealed: Why hamsters die

Beloved family pets meet their maker through a variety of surprisingly grim afflictions, new study finds

‘Groundbreaking’ study regenerates and heals heart muscles in mice after heart attack

Over a month, mice hearts were repaired to ‘near normal cardiac pumping function with little scarring’, say scientists

Bats revealed to have ‘surprising’ long-term memory, recognise phone ringtone after four years

In further studies, scientists hope to understand when these memory skills actually help animals and when they could be a liability

Scientists say inability to complete simple at-home test is linked to increased risk of early death

Researchers say standardised test for balance is not included in health checks of middle-aged and older people

Advanced new model of Earth’s tectonic plates to improve global quake and volcano threat prediction

‘Biggest changes to the plate model have been in western North America’

Scientists identify molecule that could help drugs replace workouts

Findings in mice shed more light on physiological processes involved in exercise and hunger

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