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US Politics

US Election: Donald Trump leading in key Southern battleground states of Florida, Georgia and North Carolina

Donald Trump is leading in the key Southern battleground states of Florida, Georgia and North Carolina, tightening the race to the White House and dashing Democratic hopes of a resounding victory on election night.

QAnon conspiracy supporter Marjorie Taylor Greene wins seat in House of Representatives

Marjorie Taylor Greene, known for openly supporting the far-right conspiracy theory QAnon, has won a seat in the House of Representatives.

Mary Trump says her uncle Donald will blame ‘everybody but himself’ if he loses US election

Donald Trump’s niece has said the president would blame “everybody but himself” if he loses the election.

Protesters gather at Black Live Matters plaza outside White House as polls begin to close in US election

Protesters have gathered in Washington DC’s renamed Black Lives Matter plaza for an election night demonstration as polls begin to close.

Barack Obama brands Donald Trump ‘two-bit dictator’ after report he would declare election victory prematurely

Former President Barack Obama has criticised his successor Donald Trump for casting doubt on the results of the upcoming election, likening him to a “two-bit dictator”.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden make final pitches to voters in key states day before US election

Donald Trump and Joe Biden have made a last-ditch push for votes in battleground states as their campaigns prepared for post-election disputes that could prolong a divisive US election.

US election 2020: UK punter puts £1 million bet on Joe Biden to defeat Donald Trump

A £1 million bet on Joe Biden to the win the US presidency has been placed in the UK.

What has Donald Trump said about the transition of power after the 2020 US election?

Donald Trump’s warnings of a “rigged election” have prompted concerns about a smooth transition of power should he lose to his Democrat rival Joe Biden.

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