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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

MatrixChange – Innovative digital trading platform leading in tokenization

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MatrixChange is an optimized trading platform and, as an ambitious European company, is one of the leading platforms for state-of-the-art tokenization. The focus is on the realization of innovative startups and projects as well as trading in digital currencies such as Bitcoin, LIOcoin, Ethereum or XRP.

On the one hand, the coin-based trading platform Matrixchange simplifies the movement of assets and makes investments fundamentally more secure for investors and issuers. Projects implemented through tokenization set the course for the future. There are opportunities to free up tied capital, e.g. by liquidating real estate, works of art or securities without having to sell them. The entire investor capital is traded and financed in the form of tokens within a specific time period.

Common trading platforms have a centralized structure, with the investors’ crypto-coins being managed on so-called master wallets. Large-scale hacker attacks and manipulation attempts have led to massive losses in the recent past.

The modern blockchain technology of MatrixChange, on the other hand, offers users and investors maximum security. The personal wallet is actively protected by means of numerous special security mechanisms. Unauthorized third parties as well as hackers are blocked from access or attempts at manipulation by the constantly further developed real-time security technology.

Leading the field of Tokenization

Another strong argument is the user-friendliness and the transparency of all interfaces and operating options. Everything is clear and easy to understand. With just a few clicks, digital currencies and assets can be traded. The MatrixChange dashboard is straightforward and convenient. Everything an investor and user could want.

The investor trades digital currencies and assets on the MatrixChange Exchange platform cheaper, faster and, above all, more securely than on other comparable digital trading platforms.

For further information visit: https://matrixchange.eu

MatrixChange is a leading platform for financing and realizing tokenized projects. The company offers fast, bank-independent and flexible financing for start-ups and established companies. Additionally the MatrixChange also offers the possibility of trading well-known crypto currencies such as BTC, ETH or LIO. MatrixChange is a brand of MatrixChain OÜ.

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