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Week-in-Review: Rishi Sunak’s great slowdown offers Keir Starmer an opportunity

Tumbleweeds roll through Portcullis House. Crickets chirp in an empty commons chamber. Downing Street is a dustbowl of ideas as ministers twiddle their thumbs around the cabinet table. And where’s Rishi Sunak? Not at the despatch box for prime minister’s questions, that’s for sure. On Tuesday, the House of Commons adjourned at 5.46 pm,  » Read

Abandoning climate aid would torpedo Global Britain ambitions

A leaked civil service briefing has warned that the government could break its pledge to spend £11.6bn over five years on sustainable development, climate action and nature protection overseas. It follows Zac Goldsmith’s warning that the promise would be broken as he resigned as International Environment Minister with a broadside against Rishi Sunak for being

Chris Pincher faces eight week suspension after inquiry into groping incident concludes

The standards committee has published its report into the conduct of former Conservative whip Chris Pincher. Mr Pincher is now facing a suspension from the House of Commons for eight weeks after the committee concluded the MP had committed an “abuse of power”. Mr Pincher is accused of assaulting two fellow guests at the exclusive

Keir Starmer vows to smash the ‘class ceiling’ with education reforms

Ahead of a major speech today, Sir Keir Starmer has claimed social mobility is “going backwards” under the Conservatives and that Labour in government would smash the “class ceiling” with education reform.  The Labour leader this morning pledged to “break the link” between people’s circumstances when they are born and “where they end up”.  » Read

‘Change is never easy’: Tony Blair’s plan to fix the NHS

Sir Tony Blair has a plan to fix the NHS.  On the service’s 75th anniversary, the prime minister from 1997 to 2007 argues for radical change to the health service of which he was once steward.  Warning the NHS will “continue down a path of decline” without radical reforms,  » Read More

Health secretary: Austerity has not contributed to NHS woes

Spending restraint in the NHS through the 2010s has not contributed to the health services’ current woes, the health secretary has insisted.  Steve Barclay rejected the findings of a King’s Fund report from April, which said the NHS had “declined since 2010, as a result of much lower funding increases,  » Read More

Why the NHS’ 75th birthday feels so sombre

Today marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of the NHS. It means 75 years ago today in 1948, Britain’s first majority Labour government, led by Clement Attlee, created a national health service as the cornerstone of its plans for a comprehensive welfare state. The National Health Service Act,  » Read More

Minister suggests British banks are ‘profiteering’ from rising interest rates

British banks have been accused of “profiteering” as millions of Britons struggle to get by during the cost-of-living crisis. As a result, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has summoned the four big banks for a meeting on Thursday over their conduct. Appearing to support such allegations,  » Read More

Rwanda’s opposition leader says the UK government ‘knows Rwanda is not a safe country’

Rwanda’s opposition leader has said that Rwanda is not a safe country for asylum seekers to be sent from the UK. Victoire Imgabire Umuhoza told Sky News this morning that the deal between Rwanda and the UK is “illegal” because the central African nation is “not a free country”.  » Read More

Culture secretary worried unrest in France could ‘feed through’ to the UK

The culture secretary has said she is “worried” about the ongoing riots in France as unrest elsewhere “sometimes feeds through into this country”. France has now endured a sixth night of violence and rioting after the killing of a teenager by police sparked nationwide unrest. Lucy Frazer made the admission as she announced £3 million

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