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No new coronavirus cases in Wuhan for first time since outbreak began, Chinese authorities say

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Willie Thorne: Snooker legend diagnosed with leukaemia

Snooker legend Willie Thorne has been left 'devastated' after being diagnosed with leukaemia.

England Women's team offered coronavirus advice after two members of staff go into self-isolation

England Women's players and staff have been offered reassurances and advice after two members of staff went into self-isolation.

Schools in Northern Ireland close amid coronavirus outbreak

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Bookmakers risk losing tens of millions pounds of a month during sport coronavirus shutdown

Betting companies risk losing tens of millions of pounds a month if the outbreak of coronavirus forces sport to stay in a state of lockdown throughout the summer.

Mental health apps for sleep, anxiety and depression to try in 2020

From meditation prompts to wellbeing chatbots, the apps you need to know

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