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World’s largest triceratops skeleton sells for $7.7mn at Paris auction house

‘Big John’ has made it to the Guinness World Records as the largest known triceratops skeleton

Vikings reached America 500 years before Christopher Columbus, study claims

Scientists looked at chopped wood in L’Anse aux Meadows, which has been linked to a Nordic settlement dating back to c 1000AD

Nasa’s asteroid missions could reveal our origins and help save us

Nasa’s exploration of asteroids will teach us a lot about ourselves, not to mention having economic benefits and potentially saving us from a collision, writes Gareth Dorrian

Scientists find prehistoric crab trapped in amber for 100 million years

The crab has been named Cretapsara athanata which means ‘immortal spirit of the clouds and waters’

How does depression and anxiety affect the body?

Jane E. Brody finds out that we don’t talk enough about how depression can lead to chronic disease

US surgeons perform first successful transplant test involving pig kidney in a human

Sugar molecule in pigs rejected by the human immune system was eliminated by the surgeons

Infrared light therapy could help people living with dementia, scientists say

A pilot study, led by Dr Paul Chazot of Durham University and GP Dr Gordon Dougal,

Dog-sized sea scorpions roamed ancient sea floors in south China as ‘top predators’, study shows

The creature was a large arthropod with a ‘sharp weapon’

Diver pulls 900-year-old crusader sword from bottom of Mediterranean Sea

Iron blade ‘found encrusted with marine organisms’

Valneva vaccine generates stronger immune response than AstraZeneca jab, French firm says

UK contract with Valneva for 100 million doses was scrapped last month, with health secretary Sajid Javid telling MPs it was ‘clear’ the vaccine ‘would not get approval’ by medicines regulator

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