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Watch: Scientists make announcement on current Earth ‘era’

Watch as scientists made an announcement on Earth’s new “era,” or epoch, on Tuesday, 11 July.  » Read More

Ministers ‘backtracking’ on fossil fuel commitments has cost UK net zero leadership, report says

Government progress on meeting its net zero commitments is “worryingly slow”, a new report from the independent Climate Change Committee has found.  In its 15th annual progress report to parliament, the committee said its confidence in government being able to achieve its 2030 emissions reduction target has “markedly declined from last year.” The report said

Asia’s tallest known tree found hidden in Tibet

335-foot-tall tree found in region with one of the highest height and distribution density of giant trees  » Read More

Lab-grown meat is worse than real thing for climate. But will it always remain that way?

‘Cultured meat is not inherently better for the environment than conventional beef’  » Read More

Warning over rapid rise in fungal attacks posing ‘catastrophic’ threat to global food supply

Global heating may intensify ‘perfect storm’ fuelling world’s largest threat to crops  » Read More

‘Insect apocalypse’ may cause plants to battle for pollinators and ‘destabilise’ co-existence

‘Pollinators may destabilise plant competition by favoring common plant species at expense of rarer competitors’

Most unique birds to go extinct first in ongoing mass extinction driven by climate crisis, study warns

Birds could become more alike in terms of morphology as climate crisis worsens, findings suggest

Climate change linked to civil unrest and eventual collapse of ancient Mayan city, study confirms

Findings provide lessons from past to understand how climate change may exacerbate political tensions, scientists say

Cats rescued from wildfires at higher risk of deadly blood clots, scientists warn

‘Findings may open new doors to looking at how wildfires impact cardiovascular health in humans’

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