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‘Insect apocalypse’ may cause plants to battle for pollinators and ‘destabilise’ co-existence

‘Pollinators may destabilise plant competition by favoring common plant species at expense of rarer competitors’

Most unique birds to go extinct first in ongoing mass extinction driven by climate crisis, study warns

Birds could become more alike in terms of morphology as climate crisis worsens, findings suggest

Climate change linked to civil unrest and eventual collapse of ancient Mayan city, study confirms

Findings provide lessons from past to understand how climate change may exacerbate political tensions, scientists say

Cats rescued from wildfires at higher risk of deadly blood clots, scientists warn

‘Findings may open new doors to looking at how wildfires impact cardiovascular health in humans’

Nearly 1,000 new microbes unknown to science found trapped in Tibetan glaciers

Release of ‘potentially hazardous bacteria’ could affect China and India, say scientists

Humpback whales share culture and whole new songs across populations ‘very easily’, study finds

Study sheds more light on inter-population culture transmission in animals

Antarctica’s only native insect is being driven to extinction by global warming, scientists say

Increase of 2C in winter temperature could reduce the miniscule Antarctic midge’s chances of survival, study finds

Extreme ocean temperatures cause record bleaching of New Zealand sea sponges

Expert warns of strongest marine heatwave for decades

Critically endangered tiny marsupial that survived wildfires now facing extinction threat from feral cats

‘There are only around 500 Kangaroo Island dunnarts left in the wild’

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