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Up to 22,500 archaeological sites under theat from climate crisis, experts say

‘Historical time capsule’ at risk at one site, archaeologist says

Giant panda’s gut bacteria help it remain chubby despite bamboo diet, researchers say

Pandas eat low-nutrient meals of fibrous bamboo leaves for the majority of the year but manage to stay fat and healthy

Climate crisis increasing risk of premature birth and childhood illness

Climate hazards – including rising temperature, pollution and wildfires – are increasing the risk of pre-term birth.

‘The ice sheet is in for a wild ride’: Greenland is seeing record ice loss

Greenland lost a net total of 166 gigatons of ice from September 2020 through August 2021. Overall, this loss is on par with recent decades – but the factors affecting that final number are more unusual, writes Kasha Patel

Arctic Ocean started warming decades earlier than thought — and could worsen due to climate change

Arctic Ocean began warming rapidly at the beginning of last century by a process called Atlantification

Watchdog dismisses calls to remove charitable status from climate denial group

Global Warming Policy Foundation has status as an educational charity, but scientists say its views are ‘detrimental to the public’

Drugs in urine from Glastonbury festival ‘pose threat to rare eels’

Levels of MDMA in river near Worthy Farm quadrupled week after festival, according to study

Geneticists aiming to bring woolly mammoths back from dead within next six years

Scientists hope to create hybrid with Asian elephant and also believe animal could help slow down climate change

Scientists ‘toilet-training’ cows to reduce their waste emissions

In close quarters the farm animals’ urine and faeces can combine to create ammonia

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